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Process Management Solutions For Manufacturing

Why Operating A "Lean Manufacturing" System Is Paramount To Survival

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Process Management is all about oversight of an ensemble of activities of planning and monitoring the performance of a process -- coordinating every facet of your operation to maximize efficiency and speed, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

And nowhere is this more crucial than in manufacturing.

In order to stay ahead in today's marketplace, manufacturers of any kind must learn to run as lean as possible. And by implementing a thoughtful Process Management system, manufacturers can do more and achieve more with less while keeping its customer’s needs at the core of its business model.

These strategies have proven to cut an average of 20 percent of all time, effort and costs associated with the production process. That's one fifth of your entire operation.

That's what they call "lean manufacturing."

"Manufacturers are only as efficient as their weakest process link," said Hariprasad Kalagara of Athena Doyens, a respected technical and management consultancy services firm with operations in Voorhees, N.J, as well as India and Australia, and developers of a Process Management Software that is tailored to the precise needs of each client. "These types of businesses operate like a machine, and every part needs to be well oiled and cared for. Unfortunately, that's not generally the case, which is why instituting the correct Process Management system is so critical to survival."

Start With These Questions . . .

  • Are your customers happy and loyal to your brand?
  • Are you unable to manufacture more, earlier, and faster as demand dictates?
  • Does production slow or even stop when an employee is away, or when parts are out of stock?
  • Do you need to improve the value-added by each employee on the shop floor?
  • Are your on-time deliveries not where you want them to be?
  • Are batch sizes much larger than consumption rates?
  • Do you have to re-work produced goods frequently?

If you answered "YES" to even one of these questions, you're in dire need of an effective Process Management solution -- and quickly.

Lean manufacturing institutes a Process Management system which eliminates waste, while meeting its customers’ needs by producing what they want, when they need it. This applies throughout an organization’s manufacturing processes -- to the key growth areas of your business, such as improving cash flow, increasing efficiency, greater throughput, eliminating set-up steps, reducing inventory, and speeding up delivery. It pays close attention to the flow of work as it passes from one hand to the next. It identifies and eliminates waste, at each point, maximizing the efficiency of the production process to achieve optimal performance.

The aforementioned word "waste" is a big one, and here are eight of them that are reduced or eliminated immediately through lean manufacturing/Process Management implementation:

  • Downtime
  • Excess Inventory
  • Defects
  • Under utilization
  • Waiting
  • Transportation
  • Overproduction
  • Non-Value Added Processing

By instituting a Process Management system in manufacturing, inventory control issues are improved, customer demands are met, capacity issues are resolved, delivery schedules are met, and other problems are solved which affect a company’s ability to grow and compete.

The end result?

  • Higher Profits
  • Greater Productivity
  • Increased Sales
  • Improved Quality
  • Greater Throughput
  • Reduced Costs
  • Better Cash Flow
  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Faster Speed-to-Market

With a properly tailored Process Management system in place, running a lean manufacturing operation is one of continuous improvement and renewal -- and that's a good thing. Most companies will experience dramatic results early on, but the key is to keep "the foot on the pedal," and greater benefits will result in the long run.

Becoming A Lean & Mean Fighting Machine . . .

In the most succinct terms, striving toward a lean manufacturing operation and the implementation of a proper Process Management system occurs in four steps: opportunity identification, solution design, implementation, and continuous improvement.

Companies like Athena Doyens exist to help guide companies through these very steps, ensuring the most diligent research has taken place and the ideal solution has been tailored and implemented to a manufacturer's specific needs.

"We call it transforming process into profits," added Kalagara. "We're amazed at how often a client will come to us afterward and say ‘why didn't we do this years ago?'”

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