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The "New" Best Practice -- Hiring An IT Staff Augmentation Services Firm

These Operations Will Find And Train The Best Outsourced IT Staff For You, Allowing You To Focus On Your Core Business

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With companies looking long and hard to cut costs wherever they can, often they'll never consider a division of their operation that keeps things running -- the IT department.

The rationale is generally "we can't tinker with downsizing or streamlining our IT department, as they're too valuable."

But did you know you can save as much as 50 percent by outsourcing IT services? The proliferation of offshore companies offering this service can be overwhelming when it comes to considering such a service, as there are an abundance of IT resources and talent pools to choose from. This is why companies specializing in IT staff augmentation -- finding the right fit for your company -- are now the first stop for businesses seeking IT outsourcing help.

"Companies come to us because they don't know where to begin their IT outsourcing selection process," said Hariprasad Kalagara of Athena Doyens, a respected technical and management consultancy services firm with operations in Voorhees, N.J, as well as India and Australia. "We make it easy for them. We deliver them the perfect fit."

IT staff augmentation services work well for companies who must scale up and down depending upon project requirements, or those looking to strengthen up their core team with top notch IT professionals.

Working with an IT staff augmentation services organization is about shifting your focus to your core business, and allowing them to help your company find skilled manpower for your needs.

Staff augmentation is an ideal way to leverage existing resources and utilize outsourced resources for the benefit of your company. And IT staff augmentation companies not only find the right people, but they'll train them specifically to suit an organization’s needs.

IT staff augmentation begins with evaluating existing staff, and determining how and where the need for outsourced services can be most effective. This is a move that is often referred to as "rightsizing" -- increasing your resources while decreasing cost.

The benefits of staff augmentation for the IT sector are numerous. To wit:

  • Outsourced help is experienced enough, and trained to your specific needs, to dive right into your work. The transition can be seamless.
  • No costs associated with full-time employees (benefits, etc.).
  • Those selected and trained by the IT staff augmentation service provider you hire are guaranteed to be the best individuals for your specific operation.
  • You have the flexibility to pick and choose and move around resources and individuals as you see fit, all while keeping project schedules uninterrupted.

And above all, you will save time and money -- and lots of it.

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